If you are looking for innovation, Irongate can not only revolutionise the way you buy print but also transform the way you communicate with your markets.

Chris Smart

Print Development Director

E CSmart@irongategroup.co.uk


Chris will soon celebrate 30 years at Irongate and during that time he has seen many changes in the print sector, not least the emergence of new options and technologies. Chris remains passionate about what Irongate does – winning new business by changing the way our clients buy print, generating improved ROI while simultaneously saving them significant money and time.

He particularly enjoys talking to clients six months into a new relationship and hearing positive feedback about the way our approach, technology and people have transformed processes beyond recognition, leaving clients wondering why they didn’t consider change sooner.

Fun facts

  • Chris is a keen football fan and in his younger days spent much of his time on the pitch keeping the game in control as a referee.

If you’re the type of business that embraces innovation and likes to challenge the status quo, then boy, do we have a product waiting for you!

Neil Webster

Print & Communications Specialist

E NWebster@irongategroup.co.uk


Neil has been in and around the business supplies industry for most of his working life and at Irongate for almost 5 years. He particularly enjoys solving problems and executing business changing strategies which save clients precious time & money.

Making a difference is important to Neil so he gets tremendous satisfaction by completely changing the way clients procure print, making documents more relevant, up-to-date and eliminating horrendous yet often invisible obsolescence.

Fun facts

  • Current Midlands Veterans Cup winner and player of the year for Selston (Veterans) F.C.
  • Neil is skydiving for charity in September to raise money and banish his fear of heights.

We have a diverse range of clients, all with different needs but surprisingly often share the same challenges and problems. It’s great to be able to offer proven solutions and a great range of services which we know will make a different to their business.

Mark Hessey

Print & Communications Specialist

E MHessey@irongategroup.co.uk


Mark joined the Printing Industry at the tender age of 17 and through various different roles has clocked up over 33 years valued experience and knowledge in a constantly changing, dynamic Industry, still being driven by advancements in new technologies. To bolster his sales expertise and add some marketing knowledge Mark gained the Chartered Institute of Marketing Certificate and Diploma in Marketing.

Mark enjoys the fact that although we’re the largest printer in Derby, Irongate doesn’t just sell print… we add value, innovation and deliver measurable outcomes. Working with Irongate and our clients is really rewarding and provides a high level of job and client satisfaction. Every day is different for Mark. We have a diverse range of clients each with specific requirements and he relishes the opportunity to develop bespoke solutions which will make a real difference.

It’s fascinating to learn about our client’s business too and Irongate is privileged that clients feel comfortable sharing with us confidential information and strategies in order that we can introduce our innovative services and develop positive solutions. Solutions that will deliver benefits and ultimately help their business address and overcome some of the challenges they face.

The biggest single difference Mark made to a customer is working with a client within the Education Sector to develop and deliver a fully integrated cross media marketing campaign using personalised direct mail, email and Purl. It generated a massive 20% response rate. This was a 400% increase on their previous campaign and so totally beyond our client’s expectations and very welcomed.

Fun facts

  • Mark recently splashed out on a VW camper and intends to tour the UK and Europe.
  • Combining print and marketing in the same job means no two days are ever the same!

Every day presents a different customer challenge and opportunity to share a good idea or two – from personalised chocolate boxes for the likes of Cadburys and Thornton’s to stickers that work underwater!

Shaun Todd

Print & Communications Specialist

E STodd@irongategroup.co.uk


After leaving the drinks vending industry 22 years ago, fed-up of coffee (if that’s possible) and looking for a new challenge, Shaun says he ‘’stumbled’’ into print.

He didn’t think ink on paper could be this rewarding! What a journey, through an ever evolving industry, the landscape of which now looks very little like it did in 1994.

Shaun believes he was lucky to start his career at Irongate, as very early on they identified how emerging technology could change the typical print relationship with customers from simple commodity supplier to collaborative partners.

By adding value and helping customers grow their brand through innovative ideas, new print ordering methods & technologies and challenging traditional marketing methods, Irongate has seen tremendous growth in the last 10 years and his role that always been rewarding.

The best part of the job for Shaun is changing the day to day working lives of customers with a cocktail of creative thinking and some great technology. He’s just waiting for the next big thing in print which he know won’t be too long coming.

Fun facts

  • Shaun is a secret Agatha Christie fan and has just finished her final and 73rd novel!
  • Has recently welcomed a new addition to the family – George, named after his favourite character from the TV series ‘’The Sweeney’’!

Multiple location businesses will love what we have in store, allowing us to drive their business forward with innovative print solutions that reduce costs and improve return on investment.

David Shaw

Print & Communications Specialist

E DShaw@irongategroup.co.uk


David has spent all his working life (14 years) within the Print department at Irongate. Moving up the ranks from print estimator to account manager, eventually through to sales.

During these years everyday he’s been involved closely with print work going through our factory to make sure we keep our customers coming back for more! David is really passionate about innovation and print is all he’s ever known.

Fun facts

  • David has a huge passion for all things sport related.
  • David loves holidays. The Greek islands are his favourite place.

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