Add a dash of colour to your office and see the changes in employee mentality.

We all feel different emotions when subjected to certain colours. By adding a splash of colour to your workplace you can not only improve employee mentality but also their productivity. Here are a few ideas to improve the mood in your office:

  1. Relieve tensions in the office with a drop of blue.

Blue, the colour of the daytime sky on a warm summer day, is known to evoke calm and serene emotions in those who see it. Blue, as a soft colour, is often used in waiting rooms and the like to maintain a gentle and inviting atmosphere.

  1. Go environmental with a dollop of green.

Green is associated with the environment. Using green in your workplace, you can invoke feelings of security and safety via its warm and balanced nature. It is also a way to make something standout and represent an environmentally friendly approach to work.

  1. Keep things mellow with a splash of yellow.

Yellow is a courageous colour. As a brighter colour it its associated with happiness due to its connotations of summertime. By using a lighter shade of yellow in the office, you can improve employee mentality and therefore productivity.

  1. Spark your creative side with a spot of purple.

As a standout colour it can be used to symbolise creativity and when used sparingly, in certain departments it may even stimulate employee’s critical thinking and aid their problem-solving skills.

  1. Stay bold and brave with a dash of red.

Red, as a bodacious colour, has been known to evoke passion and roaring emotions. It can also convey feelings of importance and romance due to its bold nature. Using red in the office can draw attention to aspects that you may wish to show off.

There are many more colours you could use to improve the quality of your office environment; these are just a few ideas to get you started. Here at Irongate we stock a range of products, both from ourselves and from leading brands, that are brimming with colour. Improve your office view right away with these top tips!

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