How to reduce plastic waste in the office.

The first step in reducing plastic waste in the office is education. Your employees need to care about the issue in order to want to do something about it. So, get them talking, and hold a talk about the problems with plastic to get the conversation rolling.
Below are some small tips to make a big difference to your company’s plastic waste.
1. Reusable water bottles.
Single-use plastic water bottles are among the most common items found washed up on the beaches across the world. Supply your team with a company branded reusable bottle (which we can help supply) and you’ll instantly start cutting down your companies plastic waste.
2. Get rid of single use plastic utensils.
A single-use plastic utensil is useful for minutes yet will stay in our environment for centuries – harming or killing wildlife, polluting our oceans and damaging our eco systems. So, supply your staff with reusable tools in the kitchen.
3. Say no to plastic cups.
Eliminate plastic from office tea and coffee making. Take away the plastic cups from your coffee machine and encourage employees to provide reusable mugs/cups. When you think about how many cups of tea and coffee you and your team consume in a day, then think about in a year, you’ll realise that this is an area where some small changes will really count!
4. Use a water cooler.
Water coolers are a brilliant tool to encourage your workforce to not buy single use plastic bottles, if they know that can get unlimited filtered water at work. Also, get rid of the water bottles in the office vending machine and say hello to reduce plastic use.
5. Provide easily accessible recycling bins.
When employees are focused on their roles and completing tasks, the last thing they need is to have to search for a recycling bin. So, if offices make them readily available and accessible it makes it easier for them to dispose of their waste in the right way.

Adam Noble - Managing Director
This post was written by
Adam Noble - Managing Director