Out with the old and in the with the green.

Transform your office into a green paradise

The effects of global warming are becoming more apparent than ever. Most of us spend a large portion of our waking lives at work, therefore, there’s every reason to ensure that our office design goes green too. Whether it’s reducing the amount of unnecessary waste we produce or incorporating natural features to the design of an office, there are no shortage of small but impactful ways that we can create a workplace that has a less damaging effect on the environment.

Increase Productivity

Many modern-day offices offer adaptable workplaces to ensure that staff have the option of choosing an effective space that works for them. We’re introducing eco-friendly propositions that will boost your team’s performance.

Improve Employee Health

Plants are proven to reduce stress and improve air quality; a green office interior design comes highly recommended. Decorating the workspace with indoor plants is a low-cost investment but will potentially improving the overall health of your employees. You’ll soon secure the benefits of eco-friendly additions to the office.

The Right Impression

As with any space, the design of an interior will always speak volumes about your brand identity. Our carbon footprint is becoming a widespread concern across the globe, some of the most popular brands are focusing their attention on creating eco-friendly products and sustainable services. Research shows that millennials are more likely to prioritise sustainability over convenience. Showing that your business cares for the environment by going green in its workspaces means consumers and investors could choose your brand over an unsustainable competitor.

Why not try out a Moka Felt chair for the office?

Moka Felt is a unique sustainable tub chair which gives “waste” a second life. The self-supporting seat shell is made from recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate bottles. The choice to use this innovative material is not only good for the environment, but it also looks and feels great.

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