The perfect recipe for how to boost employee productivity in the work place!

To be a successful business, productivity in the work place is very important. Each employee’s productivity can have a huge impact on your company’s work force and environment. By focusing on both the health and happiness of your employees this will lead to a successful business.

Create a family like atmosphere

Feeling comfortable, but not too comfortable, in the work place is vital for employees. It is important that employees are relaxed and able to be themselves without feeling judged by others. Ways to create a family like atmosphere are simple. Usually, it comes naturally because we spend as much time at work as we do at home, sometimes even more if we’re putting in overtime. However, sometimes it isn’t that easy to bond with strangers. Give staff time to get to know each other, arrange days out or even better nights out! Encourage ways for them to talk and share interests and hobbies with communal seating areas and lunch space and allow them time to chat during working hours.

Employees are people as well

Every employee has a life outside of work and this should be valued just as much as the job. To make your employees feel that they are valued provide the usual annual holidays but it’s also important to be considerate when situations we can’t control get in the way. For example, special occasions, religious occasions, doctors and dentist appointments for the kids etc. To get the best out of your employees you need to provide them with the best opportunities as possible.

Small incentives go a long way

It’s very easy for employees to feel their work is going unacknowledged and hard work is not being appreciated. This can lead to members of staff neglecting the company and their fellow employees which is no good for the working environment because it can lead to a decrease in productivity – which we don’t want! Small gifts and incentives make staff feel valued within the company, something as small as a £10 voucher can go a long way. Provide incentives for your staff which you know they will be thankful for. For example, Rachel always has the best shade of lipstick in the office and would definitely appreciate a £10 voucher for MAC.

Celebrate victories no matter how small

Without your employees you’d be out of business so make sure their victories are celebrated. Something as small as a round of applause from the entire office can go a long way, acknowledging employees victory will give them a sense of belonging, especially if they are new to the company.

Provide the right equipment

All equipment needed to do the job should be provided. You wouldn’t make a sandwich without bread, would you? Make sure your equipment works too! If you want jobs doing the suitable equipment needs to be working and provided to staff. Lack of resources and faulty equipment can lead to staff feeling frustrated and unmotivated.

Motivate and guide employees in the right direction

You want the best out of your employees. Keeping them motivated is how to do that. Everyone needs a bit of guidance from time to time so do weekly one to ones with staff members, tell them about their progress, set targets and allow them a chance to talk about any issues they’re facing.

Adam Noble - Managing Director
This post was written by
Adam Noble - Managing Director