Be seen, not hurt – the importance of hi-vis clothing

Hi-Vis clothing is the best way for your employees to be seen and stay safe whilst at work. There are a few different working environments where Hi-Vis clothing is essential to your employee’s and pedestrian’s safety, these include:

-Warehouse & Construction

-Construction & Maintenance

-Rail Workers

-Those who work on Roadways or footpaths


What is High-Vis?

Hi-vis clothing is designed to ensure that the wearer is visible at night-time and in daylight. Although hi-vis doesn’t actually glow in the dark, the mixture of fluorescent material and reflective strips improves your visibility both day and night.

How does it work?

Fluorescent for Daytime

When fluorescent materials are exposed to daylight, they appear to glow. Which makes them effective for employees who need to be visible throughout the day. The glowing appearance of fluorescent materials make them especially effective in poor light conditions such as fog, as the glow is created when hit with the suns UV rays.

Hi-vis clothing comes in a variety of different colours and when choosing which colour to provide your employees with, it’s important to think about which colour will stand out the most against the environment the worker is in, hi- vis is available in the following colours:

– Yellow

– Orange

– Pink


– Red

– Green


No matter what the colour, all fluorescent materials need UV light to be effective. So, on their own, florescent materials are not effective at night.

Reflective for Night-time

Hi-vis clothing which includes reflective material is the most effective for visibility. The grey strips which are on all hi-vis garments are reflective and they glow when they’re exposed to artificial lights such as street lights and headlights. These reflective materials are made by using tiny glass beads to scatter and reflect the light.

The most effective garments are retroflective. This means that they reflect the light back at where it came from, which makes it perfect for your safety as it means that motorists will see your employees sooner than they would if they weren’t wearing Hi-vis clothing.

Choosing your Hi-vis

At Irongate we can provide you with lots of different hi-vis garments, designed to keep your employees safe across several different industries and working environments. From lightweight, hi -vis waist coats to hi-vis coats and trousers we have everything to make sure your staff are safe and seen.



Nicki Ambidge - Workwear Specialist
This post was written by
Nicki Ambidge - Workwear Specialist