Staying calm in the workplace.

We all experience a whirlwind of emotions in our day to day lives. In the workplace, emotions can sometimes run too high and negatively affect work ethic; emotions can also run-down employees, again decreasing their effectiveness in the office. Ensuring that all employees are content in their work and happy in their environment is key to ensuring that the gears of the workplace continue to turn. Here are a few ideas to keeping emotions in the workplace at the right levels for a professional environment, as to ensure not only a high standard of work but also a friendly and pleasant atmosphere:

Be understanding. 

 It is crucial to be understanding and empathetic toward other people in the workplace. Everyone is subject to different experiences from day to day and therefore handles situations differently to others. It is important to be understanding of employees when they are concerned and when they handle situations in a certain way. Everyone is different and remembering this in the workplace is key to a friendly working environment. Reprimanding employees who have tried their hardest to handle a situation can easily lead to high tensions and levels of emotion in the office that will have a negative impact on the effectiveness of the workforce.

 Expression is key. 

Allowing employees to maintain their individuality in the workplace can help maintain their mentality and therefore keep emotions at a steady level. Implementing company policies and rules prohibiting the discrimination of employees and their cultures is a good way to keep frustrating emotions at bay. 

Maintain a consistent workflow. 

Keeping employees busy is a good way to keep them content with their work. If employees are subject to a standstill environment, they can be prone to negative and disruptive emotions such as frustration and stress. Ensuring these emotions as well as anxiety levels are low, through generous deadlines and being understanding when work isn’t completed or is halted, is key in maintaining a positive working environment. 

 Provide positive encouragement. 

Finally, providing encouragement to your workforce, either through recognition or praise, is a good way to keep tensions, and therefore emotions, low and work rates high. Providing your employees with the necessary implements and helping them when they require it, will lead to employees feeling more content and satisfied with their work in general. 

Follow these steps to ensure your office isn’t subject to negative emotions that may halt the means of production in the course of your working day. 

Adam Noble - Managing Director
This post was written by
Adam Noble - Managing Director