Our online Marketing Centre is at the heart of our InOne solution. It’s designed to streamline the whole procurement process and is quite literally revolutionising the way our clients manage their marketing efforts.

Access our online Marketing Centre and you’ll experience one of the most advanced and sophisticated means available for marketing creation, ordering and stock management. Easily manage everything from production and fulfilment of materials to email customisation and even targeted cross-media campaigns, saving your business significant amounts of time and money.

It is ideal for businesses with:

  • Multiple Locations
  • Multiple Products/Services
  • Multiple Employees



Create marketing collaterals online.

The Marketing Centre enables you to manage a range of print and digital marketing materials online at anytime. Whether items are printed on demand or pre-printed and fulfilled from stock, they can be centrally ordered, distributed and tracked from a single, easy-to-use, secure branded web portal. The site is linked directly to Irongate’s print servers for fast, efficient print and delivery of orders, so you can get your message to market quicker than ever before.

The Marketing Centre removes many of the manual procurement jobs from the marketing department and automates tasks such as change requests, proofing, budgets, approvals and artwork creation and distribution.

Marketing Centre administrators can upload any number of editable design templates to the website. They specify which parts of the content can be modified (e.g. prices or product images) and which parts are fixed (usually the branding). Authorised users can then select a template, make adjustments and proof on screen. From business cards to direct mail postcards, The Marketing Centre empowers your staff to create their own customised artwork in a matter of minutes whilst keeping within corporate brand guidelines.

Automated direct marketing.

The Marketing Centre acts as an integrated campaign management workflow, allowing marketers to create, control and measure multi-channel, multi-variable, multi-version communication campaigns.

Simply select which artwork template you want and upload your customer data. Your campaign is then printed or dispatched in hours rather than weeks, meaning you can quickly and effectively send out regular campaigns without having to proof every single output.

  • No need for time-consuming proofing
  • Automated data processing – including mailsorting, suppressions and de-duping
  • Fully variable, merged output files – so you can maximise savings from combining campaigns
  • Full tracking and traceability of all mailings – including cost reporting
  • Simultaneous mailing and email communications – the software recognises preferred communication settings through data fields

PDF downloads.

The Marketing Centre can also be configured to allow PDF downloads. Once a user has created their template, they can choose to download a high resolution PDF or jpeg instead of ordering a printed item. The PDF can then be printed on a desktop printer by the user or utilised in other digital communications such as magazine adverts or social media sites.

Other products.

Users can also manage a range of other business critical products from the Marketing Centre. Irongate can stock branded items such as workwear, promotional merchandise and stationery. These can be ordered online for fast delivery.