A crucial aspect of boosting your bottom line is to spend less by reducing costs. Larger direct costs are often prioritised but we believe indirect supply chains represent a huge opportunity for businesses to achieve their cost reduction goals.

Indirect supply chains are often dispersed across business locations and departments, usually involving a large number of internal stakeholders. This results in multiple product and service categories being ordered across the business from a wide array of different suppliers.

Businesses could be spending 2 to 3 times as much as they think on their everyday supplies and products.

Through our consultative approach and vast industry knowledge, we’ll help you identify, achieve and sustain significant savings in your indirect procurement. Just some of the areas we can help you make savings:

Leverage your full buying power.

Through greater spend with one supplier, you have more influence, control and purchasing power to negotiate a much better deal and more profitable long-term contracts.

Product cost savings.

You’ll save from the start with competitive prices on the products you buy most frequently and your account manager will review your core products on a regular basis and suggest switching to alternative better value products.

Compliance savings.

Eliminate any rogue spending and maximise the benefits of your negotiated supplier contract.

Management reporting and account reviews.

Regular business reviews with your account manager will ensure you have greater visibility of your total spend and identify areas for further cost and waste reduction.

Cost reduction audit

The first part of our cost reduction process involves getting a business-wide picture of your current expenditure. Auditing your purchases is key to understanding your purchase profile and to establishing the savings we can offer you.

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