Using InOne means all orders

are in one place, so Chris finds it

much easier to manage spending

across all of his business supplies.

Easy ordering with InOne.

We’ll give you super powers.

Harnessing the latest technology can make a big difference to the cost of doing business – that’s why our dedicated web team continually invest in new technologies and methods to make it as speedy and easy as possible for you to do business with us.

Let us introduce our super power, also known as InOne, our online procurement system. There’s nothing quite like it in the UK. Nothing so powerful, comprehensive, flexible or simple.

InOne puts you in control.

InOne helps to eliminate rogue spending and provides detailed centralised management reporting by location, department and product category. It puts you in total control with the transparency and accountability you require to always have a clear picture of what’s going on across your business.

InOne consolidates your procurement needs.

Just one supplier with one point of contact and one simple ordering portal. You could say you’ve got it in one. You and your authorised users only to have remember one set of login details to order all of your business supplies. So much simpler than dealing with multiple supplier relationships and ordering portals.

InOne enables huge cost and time savings.

Ordering is easier than ever before and approvals are much faster. InOne enables 24/7 ordering from anywhere in the UK for everything your business needs so you and your staff will save vast amounts of time on the day to day procurement of workplace supplies. Training and support ensure you and your users use the system to its optimal level.

Configured to your specific requirements.

InOne may be ‘all in one’, but it’s definitely not ‘one size fits all’. As individual as your business, InOne can be configured to meet your specific business requirements. It will feature only the products you have approved and restricted authority levels guarantee everyone works within defined budgets.

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