As a major supplier of business products and services to organisations throughout the UK, we are extremely aware of the impact we have on the environment. We have a strategic approach to environmental management with a range of initiatives in place, and as an ISO 14001 accredited company we are committed to protecting it as much as we can.

Reducing our carbon footprint.

We actively pursue a programme of targets and objectives to reduce our own carbon footprint, which is regularly reviewed by the senior management team.

  • Three national distribution centres based in Derby, Lutterworth and Wakefield.
  • Our logistics and distribution team ensures that we offer an economical delivery service that benefits the environment.
  • Our route analysis technology enables us to plot the most efficient delivery routes, leading to optimum efficiency and reduction of mileage and emissions.
  • Our delivery boxes are made from recycled materials and whenever possible, bags and envelopes are used for small deliveries. Other materials such as shrink-wrap are only used when necessary to aid safe transit of goods.
  • We re-use, recover and recycle as much packaging as possible. Our drivers will collect old delivery boxes when they next deliver your goods and reuse them for future deliveries.

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How we help our clients be greener.

We work with our customers to reduce their environmental impact by offering:

A single source supply – By consolidating your business supplies and services with one supplier, you’ll create fewer deliveries, and reduce administration.

Order consolidation – Build your orders over a period of days for any non-urgent supplies. Placing larger orders will reduce our carbon footprint with fewer deliveries and less packaging.

Ordering and invoicing – We offer an online ordering facility and electronic invoicing to reduce paperwork.

Environmental products – We provide an extensive range of products with environmental credentials such as recycled, energy efficient, biodegradable, rechargeable, remanufactured, recyclable or from a sustainable source.

Recycling services – Use our recycling schemes for cartridges, inkjets and confidential shredding.

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