We offer a spotless service for all your hygiene, cleaning and janitorial needs.

Supplying all of the leading-brand office cleaning and janitorial supplies, our range includes Kimberly-Clark, Proctor & Gamble, 3M, Velvet, Deb, Finish and many more.

We also sell our own brand of workplace cleaning products called 2Work. With no compromise on quality, these products are designed to provide the best in affordable and effective cleaning for all types of work environments. We offer a wide range of Office Cleaning Products and Professional Cleaning Equipment.

Choosing the correct hygiene and cleaning kit is key to ensuring that your workplace is healthy and safe. Our facilities expert Pam will show you how small changes to your product choices can reduce costs, eliminate waste and save your staff time.

To speak to Pam and order the supplies you need, send an email to facilities@irongategroup.co.uk.

We’ve thought of everything our list of professional office cleaning products includes:

Washroom hygiene

Long-lasting toilet rolls and quality paper towels and dispensers.

Washroom cleaning

Air fresheners, glass cleaners and more.

Janitorial supplies

Everything your cleaning staff require, from rubber gloves and mops to cleaning trolleys.

Cleaning chemicals

All the chemicals you need to keep your workplace spick and span.


Cost-effective soaps and dispensers, providing a high level of hygiene protection while being kind to skin.


Laundry powders, tabs and softeners.

Floor care

Keep your floors clean and beautiful with our polishes and carpet cleaner.

Waste disposal

A large range of quality refuse sacks, liners and bins.

Disposable clothing

To provide protection and limit cross-contamination in hazardous environments.

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