With a client base that encompasses several industry sectors, we provide unique solutions for many different workplace requirements.


We have vast experience working in office and commercial environments and provide specially selected products for maximum value-for-money and performance.


We’re equipped to meet the special requirements of healthcare providers, and can also provide training and support to ensure staff are using cleaning chemicals and supplies safely and confidently.


Educational establishments often have intensive requirements for cleaning and maintenance. We supply everything required for even the toughest jobs, including cleaning products, floor care and disinfectant.

Industrial, warehousing and distribution

Industrial work environments are often subject to stubborn grime from various sources. We offer a range of products including specialised skincare and degreaser, to help keep your workplace clean and your employees healthy.

Hospitality and leisure

In the hospitality and leisure industry it’s crucial to maintain consistently high standards for guests and visitors. We can supply a wide range of products to satisfy expectations in all settings.

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