When it comes to cleaning and hygiene products, every business has different needs. Our workplace audits ensure you have the most suitable, effective hygiene and catering products to keep your employees Happy, Healthy and Refreshed!

Pam Wakefield

Facilities Supplies Specialist

E pwakefield@irongategroup.co.uk


Pam joined Irongate as our resident facilities supplies specialist in early 2015. With her vast industry knowledge and vibrant outgoing personality, Pam has quickly become a key member of the Facilities team and a popular character with our customers.

She works closely with our Business Development team to identify clients that would benefit from our wide range of specialist facilities services – from cleaning and hygiene through to catering, safety and security products and services.

A key aspect of Pam’s role is to advise on the health and safety issues surrounding the use of cleaning chemicals and to ensure companies are meeting their legislative responsibilities in this important area. She has also delivered significant cost savings for companies looking to save money on their facilities supplies.

If you would like to ensure your staff have a safe, happy and healthy work environment, give Pam a call, she’d love to talk to you.

Fun facts

  • Pam’s favourite things to do outside of work is travelling and keeping fit.

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