All of those things that make a workplace functional, safe and successful – we’ve got it covered at Irongate. We offer a range of workplace safety products.

First aid

Did you know that by law, all first aid kits have to be replaced every three years? Even plasters have an expiry date! Take good care of your staff and visitors with our range of market-leading first aid products.


Our range of premises and maintenance supplies includes fire extinguishers, batteries, fans, heaters and air control.

Packaging and postroom

Using the correct products will speed up the packing process and save your business money. You’ll find everything you need at Irongate, from bubble wrap to tape and dispensers.

Indoor and outdoor planting

In partnership with PHS Greenleaf, we offer a range of year-round indoor and outdoor planting, as well as special Christmas services. Renting your plants is a fantastic way to add style and foliage to your building without the hassle of doing it yourself.

Signs, posters and labels

Communicate clearly with your employees about hazards and safety with our big range of safety signs, posters and labels.

Storage and shelving

We supply a range of products to cover your needs, from containers and heavy-duty shelving to lockers and outside storage.

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