Take the first step towards turning your

spending into saving with the InOne audit.

To be able to clearly understand your purchase profile and exactly how InOne can best benefit your business, we offer a no obligation audit. Here’s an overview of the journey we’ll take to get you up and running with InOne:

Consultation meeting and audit.

  • Understand what (and how) your company spends and with which suppliers
  • Discussion with key stakeholders
  • Identify main procurement issues
  • Review of current working practices and procedures
  • Assess product usage, current pricing and existing stock valuation

Proposal presentation.

  • Present complete purchase profile
  • Highlight areas for savings and areas for added value
  • Opportunities for product standardisation and alternatives

Planning and custom build.

  • Create and approve a structured project plan with timescales
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Development of bespoke InOne portal
  • Agree management reporting and business reviews

Live launch.

Start saving with the InOne audit.

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