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InOne with Irongate is a complete procurement toolkit that can transform your business. By adopting a centralised approach to your procurement and streamlining your supplier base, product range and spend with Irongate, you’ll benefit from a complete single source package which has huge benefits for your business.

Choose InOne and you’ll have all the products and services your business needs in one place. And you’ll be amazed at what a positive impact this has across your business. Just one supplier with one point of contact and one simple ordering portal. You could say you’ve got it in one. Have we said ‘one’ enough?

InOne - One supplier

One supplier

InOne - One point of contact

One point of contact

InOne - One online ordering portal

One online ordering portal

InOne - One login

One login

InOne - One delivery

One delivery

InOne - One invoice

One invoice

InOne - One payment

One payment

InOne - One set of management reports

One set of management reports

What sort of businesses would benefit most from InOne?

If your business has a need for a diverse range of products and services to keep it running smoothly, and if these are being ordered across your business, by a high number of internal stakeholders from a mix of suppliers, this is likely resulting in a lot of time and money wasted. Your business supplies could be costing you a lot more than you think, especially if you have multiple sites too.

There’s a huge opportunity for significant savings and a new way of working.

Looking to reduce costs?

Looking for better service from your suppliers?

Looking to increase visibility and control over your expenditure?

Finding it time consuming dealing with too many suppliers?

What products and services are included InOne?

Indirect purchasing covers a large number of diverse products and services often across a number of unrelated areas. But now, you can get it all in one with Irongate. InOne may be ‘all in one’, but it’s definitely not ‘one size fits all’. We’ll create you a bespoke flexible solution which includes as many of these product areas as you require.

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