5 signs your office needs a refresh

If your struggling to remember the last time your office was updated, or if it was over 10 years ago, it’s time to consider a refresh. Keeping the workplace maintained and looking up to date and professional is critical to ensuring you have a happy and motivated workforce. Not only this but it gives off a great impression to customers and visitors too!

The following points represent common problems that many of our clients have and how we think you can solve them through workplace design:

1. Your brand and your building don’t match up

Problem: Potential customers visit your website and are really impressed with how great it looks , however when they walk into your building they think ‘Is this the same company that I saw online?’

Solution: Determine the most important aspects of your brand and ensure your office reflects these. Brand is so much more than a colour and a logo, its an image and a set of values that you need to communicate on every platform, including your premises.

2. There’s nowhere to relax

Problem: Your employees would rather sit at their desks at lunch time than sit in the office canteen.

Solution: It’s important that your break room isn’t an extension of the office. Create a fun break out area with comfortable seating, bright decoration, a TV or even a few games. Anything that can help encourage your employees to forget about the stress of work and relax.

3. You have a lot of wasted space

Problem: Many offices have lots of wasted space; banks of empty desks and areas that have become dumping grounds for boxes, folders and old technology.

Solution: You need to space plan your office, could you remove some desks and replace them with break out seating, or informal meeting spaces? Could you use the space to fit more desks in making employees more comfortable? A properly planned out office will be tidy, safe and allow for company growth.

4. Your office design is having a negative effect on productivity

Problem: Maybe you have bland décor with no colour, or poor lighting and old office furniture that’s not in the best condition?

Solution: Work on the design of your office, make sure its bright,vibrant and motivating. This will do wonders for the productivity of your employees, whilst also making them happier at work.

5. There are no areas made for collaboration 

Problem: Everyone has the space and furniture needed to work alone, but there isn’t anywhere for colleagues to collaborate.

Solution: Create two types of working areas that support both collaboration and individual work. Introducing booths and pods can allow for informal meeting spaces, enabling teams to go work together without disturbing others.


Simon Clark - Interiors Specialist
This post was written by
Simon Clark - Interiors Specialist
As one of our Office Interiors experts, Simon’s passion for designing dream workspaces is contagious. With over 25 years experience, you can be confident your project is in safe hands. Email LinkedIn