Increase productivity through your office design

choosing creative furniture which brightens up the office and makes the
workspace less dull, you can promote a better working environment. The best solution is to look at each
office space individually, as well as the needs of each individual, their
corporate culture, and the energy of the environment that you’re envisioning
for your team. Below are our tips on ways you can use office design to enhance
productivity throughout your workplace.

Paint a rainbow Colours

colour of your office can have a huge impact on your employees’ mood and the
approach they take towards their daily tasks. Colour can sway thinking, change
actions, and cause reactions. It can be used to make a statement, create an
atmosphere, or call for a response.

when choosing your office interiors, think clearly about your choice of colour.

  • Think innovatively with a yellow
  • Think passionately with a red
  • Think healthfully with a green
  • Think creatively with a purple
  • Think confidently with a blue
  • Think friendly with an orange

that these are the attitudes you want your employees to have towards their job,
think when it comes to colour.

Try out Ergonomics

When you work in an office, you spend most of your day sat
at your desk and starring at a computer screen. Let’s be honest, it can get a
little repetitive at times… So, there is nothing more important in your office
then the desks and chairs you spend all day sat at, right?

Ergonomic furniture provides a positive and comfortable
environment for the workplace. Designing a workspace that promotes good posture, less
repetitive motions, easier heights and reaches is what nurtures a more
efficient work process.

Providing your
staff with ergonomic furniture will prevent employees problems such as, unproductivity,
feeling uncomfortable and unmotivated. These simple changes help decrease
stress levels and improve employee performance.

Let there be light!

Lighting as far as possible should be provided naturally through windows
and other sources of natural light. Lighting should not cause glare and be
suitably distributed and maintained, to ensure there is no visual fatigue or eyestrain for
Bad and dark lighting can lead to a lack of motivation
in your employees and simply isn’t good for their health! So, make bright
choices when it comes to lighting.

is key

An organized
workplace encourages workers to be productive, reduces work-related stress and
saves time – especially because employees spend less time looking for things. When
you establish an efficient workplace, you establish structure. Filing cabinets,
lockers, pedestals and other items can help your employees to keep their
workspace organisation. So, keep the paper in the cupboard next to the printer
and the highlighters in the top drawer with the staples.

Why not try something a bit different with a sit stand

study of 146 NHS workers found that workers provided with adjustable desks
reported better job performance, reduced sickness at work, less anxiety and
improved quality of life.

What’s the big idea with sit stand desks?

  • Allows you to break up hours of sitting
  • Standing is beneficial for your health (in moderation)
  • You have the option to sit and stand
  • Helps to maintain a healthy weight as you burn more calories
  • Good for productivity and focus