Office desks to suit all spaces and settings, from traditional styles to cutting-edge design.

With flexible options for configuration, colour, style, height and adjustability, there’s no need to compromise. We supply desks from all of the top UK manufacturers, with styles including sit-stand, bench, wave, rectangular, radial and call centre desks.

So many office desks to choose from…

Bench Desking

Bench Desking is the ideal solution for an open plan office as they are affordable and promote a better use of space. Bench desks are desktops which are put together but share one frame, creating one long desk. Because of this you have the option to add or remove desks at any time, making it easy for you to adapt your office furniture to any changing circumstances you may have.

Office Desks Derby


Executive Desks

If you want your office furniture to make an impression, executive desks are the ideal choice. Executive desks are stylish, make a strong visual impact in any office environment and come in a range of styles, shapes and finishes, with something to suit everyone’s individual tastes.


Office Desks Derby


Call Centre Desking

Create the perfect communal office environment with our Call Centre Desking systems. Its proven that the surroundings of an office environment effect motivation and productivity, it’s important to ensure your communal workstations and creative and functional to get the most out of your employees.

Office Communal Desk Derby


Are you unsure if your preferred model is appropriate for your workspace? Don’t worry, contact us today and speak to one of our experts and they will guide you through the whole choosing, buying and installation options. With just a few questions we’ll make sure you make an informed choice that you’re really happy with. We supply all of our office workstation desks from our headquarters in Derby, offering a delivery & assembly service nationwide.

Aside from creative details, things to consider when investing in office desks include:

  • What work will your staff be doing and for how long?
  • What floor space is available?
  • What storage is required?
  • What IT and communication functions need to be accommodated?
  • What kind of layout and privacy features will suit your needs?

We can help you choose the best workstation configuration for your particular space and even provide 3D visualisations and 2D space plans. Our interior design, acoustics and lighting experts are also on hand to help you create an imaginative, attractive office.


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