Bring style, privacy and the latest technology to your workspace.

Although open plan offices are very popular, they’re not without their disadvantages. The noise and lack of privacy can affect concentration and make confidential chats impossible.

Irongate offer some innovative solutions to tackle these issues and create divided workspaces that are attractive, functional and coherent.

Dividing desk screens

The traditional choice, bringing flexibility and value. Choose from architectural and acoustic systems in a range of materials, colours, finishes, trim levels and styles, either floor standing or desk mounted.. As well as off-the-shelf products, we can provide solutions that are completely bespoke to your needs.

Office and workspace booths and pods

Booths and office meeting pods are an evolution of the desk screen and come in an exciting range of designs. They are great for hot-desking and nomadic working, and are more cost-effective and convenient than partition wall installations. They can also accommodate built-in technological features, including data, power and audio visual. This is especially handy if you’d prefer not to make structural alterations to your workspace. We have a range of office meeting booths designed for all types of businesses and industries. Our team will assist you in finding the best Office Meeting booths and other furniture to best suit your needs.


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