A new era in water saving technology!

Save money, save water, save the world!

At Irongate, we are proud to introduce the new Drenched Volumiser. The Drenched Volumiser is a simple device which fits onto your tap. The device then turns your water into an ultra-fine molecular mist which warms when in contact with skin and air, which means no need to use hot water. Saving you water, energy and money as a result.

The Drenched Volumiser reduces the amount of water used when hand washing by more than 98%, meaning that users can wash their hands in just three tablespoons of water – a fraction of what is normally used, which not only saves you money in water bills, but is much better for the environment.

As the water shortage in many parts of the world is on-going, the potential of this small device, is game-changing.


The launch of this innovative product, comes after the Drenched team won the technical enterprise award in the national Pitch@Palace final in late 2016, where the device was viewed by Her Majesty the Queen and was also trialled on one of her taps at the palace.

The inventor of Drenched, Yorkshirman Wes Sugden-Brook who is a mechanical engineer, says that he was inspired to create the device when he was gardening one afternoon with his wife and two children.

When Wes went to clean his children’s dirty hands with a hosepipe, he turned the nozzle to mist and when the dirt disappeared, he had a lightbulb moment.

When he realised how quickly and effectively the dirt was removed from their hands, something clicked in his head about surface area and physics. From there he took it back to basics; de-engineered and made the product as simple as possible, his children were even part of the design process too!

For more information about Drenched and to find out how much money we could save your business, contact our Washroom Services Specialist Ian Knight

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