You might be surprised at how many ways a Managed Print Service (MPS) can improve your business.

Cost visibility and reduction

A managed print service can help you optimise existing devices while reducing energy consumption, print output, consumable cost, waste and environment impact. You’ll also receive a single monthly invoice for all your printing, making it easy for you to manage costs and plan budgets.


Enjoy improved security with detailed usage reports showing you who is printing what and where. Program multi-function devices to present your chosen options only, e.g. colour, paper size and device options, whether to print at all or archive, send to Drop Box or SharePoint. Control capabilities are so flexible that they can even be customised at an individual employee level.

Fewer devices, additional functionality

An MPS can reduce the number of desktop printers you need, by combining them into Multi-Function Devices (MFDs). This significantly reduces the cost per copy/click charge.

Less time wasted

Because devices are monitored remotely by Xerox’s Device Agent software, many potential faults can be identified and prevented before they even occur. This means that time-consuming service calls are virtually eliminated. And if you do need support, Xerox provide a fantastic, reliable service.

Efficient supplies management

With automated printer supplies replenishment, we will predict your needs so that you get your brand new cartridges exactly when you need them. You’ll never run out of ink again, while at the same time saving space on cartridge storage and avoiding excessive purchasing and product expiry.

One single point of contact

The Xerox award-winning Global Delivery Centre provides you with a single point of contact for all your printing needs:

  • Just one monthly invoice means less admin to process
  • Maximise the use of existing printers to avoid additional investment
  • Make immediate cost savings with your built-in warranty, covering remote repairs, servicing and spare parts
  • Manage expenditure effectively with clear cost and use reports
  • Free up staff time with an expedient supply of consumables, proactive maintenance and repair and fewer calls to IT


As you would expect from a service from Irongate, our managed printing service is nothing less than exceptional. Working with Xerox brings all the benefits of specially trained and certified experts, and ours is the only service available that covers 90% of all device brands – including HP, Lexmark, Samsung, Brother, Oki and Kyocera.

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