Spend 98% less time shredding with Rexel Auto Feed

Have you discovered the benefits of Auto Feed Shredders yet?

Have a read of their guest blog below which discusses why Auto Feed is so much better than traditional Manual Feed shredders.

The benefits to every business – large, small and everything in between – of using Auto Feed shredders are huge. Think of incredible savings on cost, reductions in wasted staff time leading to an increase in productivity and giving your company 100% control over the handling of important and confidential data, and it is clear why Auto Feed shredding is the buzz phrase for the future of successful business.

The outdated, time-consuming and expensive practice of manual shredding has been used for decades. But the launch of Auto Feed shredding has marked the dawn of a new era in which every company and organisation will benefit in multiple ways.

Gone are the days of wasting the skills of a member of staff and paying out a full-time wage for them to stand for hours upon hours in front of a shredding machine, individually feeding it thousands of pieces of paper to destroy.

rexel1It is time for businesses to change to a better way of working, one that frees up valuable workers to do the jobs your company will benefit from and ensure important data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands – whilst saving money at the same time.

Rexel designed and produced Auto Feed to transform the way businesses work – and the proof of its value to every organisation is backed up by statistics.

Instead of manually feeding in paper piece by piece, workers can simply stack up to 850 x A4 70gsm sheets or 750 x A4 80gsm sheets into the machine at one time, shut the lid and walk away.  The Rexel 750M is the largest machine available and is a high security, large office auto feed shredder which is ideal for over 20 users. rexel2

Figures show that with Auto Feed shredders, workforces can spend up to 98% less time shredding, saving time and money, and freeing up staff to get on with other important tasks. Investing in an Auto Feed shredder will save your company up to 65% on the amount you would currently pay out to outsource shredding.

Rexel re-imagined a better way for businesses to shred as it devised the award-winning range of Auto Feed shredders that are available today. The days of manual shredding are being left behind. Now, with Rexel and Auto Feed shredding, every business can move forward into the future with a better way of working.

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