Protect your business - don't cut corners with data protection

Does your business have a policy in place to protect your clients and employee’s data? If not, you may be risking a fine of up to £500,000 by not having a proper management strategy for document disposal and data protection.

Businesses are just as vulnerable to identity fraud as individuals. With ID fraud costing the UK around £3.3 billion every year, businesses have a real responsibility to ensure that any sensitive information stays confidential. If your business is affected by identity fraud, there could be substantial damage, not just to partners who deal with you, but to your company’s reputation and most valuable asset – your brand.

Research by Fellowes has found that 49 percent of people see confidential papers that have been left on the printer and 71 percent of UK professionals admitted to reading other people’s work over their shoulder.

Here are our top three tips for protecting data and keeping information confidential:

1. Beware of the shoulder surfer.
With mobile devices ruling the workplace, working on-the-go has become normal for business people. In fact, the People Security Visual Data Breach Risk Assessment Study found that 55 percent of working professionals use their laptops in busy public places at least once a week. It’s essential that businesses provide their employees with a privacy screen, so that if your screen is viewed from the side, it’s a complete black out.


2. Know the risks.
Make sure that everyone in your business is aware of the risks of identity fraud, both for your business and your customers. Create a clear set of guidelines concerning the handling, storage, sharing and disposal of sensitive information, online and off-line. If required hold update and training sessions to ensure they are aware of the steps they need to take. Companies should make a list of which documents need to be shredded and communicate that to staff. Don’t leave it to chance and intuition.


3. Always shred.
Ensure all employees have access to a cross-cut shredder. Position them near copiers and printers for quick and easy shredding of documents. Never throw away confidential information in to a bin without shredding first. Confidential document disposal can be one of the biggest pile-ups for businesses so encourage your team to shred as they go and make sure that your shredding facility is fit for your business – choose auto-shredders for shredding on site or if you get through lots of confidential documentation, think about outsourcing.


It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, Data Protection laws are becoming stricter. The great thing is that there are plenty of options available to help you stay protected.

Firstly, we offer a free no obligation confidentiality audit. Our experts can help you evaluate how confidential and sensitive documents and information is managed by your organisation. We will assess what ways of document disposal are available and recommend the most cost effective methods.

Alternatively, we can simply help you choose the correct shredder for your specific needs, based on where it is to be used, by how many people, and what level of security is needed. There are so many shredders available, it can be difficult to choose the correct one without specialist advice.

We have some fantastic special offers on at the moment whereby you can claim cash back on selected Fellowes shredders.


The final option is to outsource your shredding. This saves your employees having to spend valuable time shredding themselves. Find out more here.

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