We’ll help you get

more for your money.

Yes we probably sell similar products to your current supplier, we deliver next day just like them and you can also order online… like everyone else. But we’re making a big, bold promise that you won’t regret switching to Irongate. We guarantee it will be well worthwhile for you and your company.

We’re the complete


It doesn’t matter if you have the stickiest sticky notes in Stockport, bad account management can spoil everything. We’re dedicated to excellent customer service and are here whenever you need us. It’s this personal and focussed service that results in our high customer retention.

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We’ll do

the maths.

We don’t just offer good value products and leave it at that. We help you manage your costs in several other ways too – giving you get the best prices on the items you buy most frequently, helping you identify areas for product rationalisation and providing the tools so you can monitor and manage usage across your business.

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We won’t clutter

up your diary.

Every minute you spend ordering office supplies is a minute that could have been spent on more important things. Our reliable service will reduce your internal workloads and makes life easier for you and your team. Happy days!