Employees & rewards – why & how!

You might think that this blog post has nothing to do with Promotional Products but actually it has everything to do with it. For example, how many times have you put aside a budget to fund a staff event or thought about ways to reward your employees? Maybe once in a while…

Well, it lies somewhere in our subconscious that receiving a freebie or a gift makes us stand out and feel different. Why do you think so many people agree with the statement below from Richard Branson?

‘Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.’

And yes, it does make a difference to look after your staff!

Because employees perform better, are more loyal, have improved morale and decreased absenteeism, and are happier on the job when their bosses recognize their efforts.

According to a poll conducted by Maritz Research, employees who are recognized on the job are:

  • 5 times more likely to feel valued
  • 7 times more likely to stay with the company
  • 6 times more likely to invest in the company
  • 11 times more likely to feel completely committed to the company

There’s no excuse for not taking the time to reward your employees for doing a good job. Here are 10 simple and effective ideas to get you started.

  1. Free lunch for your team
  2. Movie tickets
  3. Doughnuts for the office
  4. Dance lessons
  5. Box of chocolates
  6. Humorous certificate of recognition
  7. Ice cream social
  8. Fruit basket
  9. Tickets to zoo or amusement park
  10. Fitness club membership

Yes, fair enough, some of the things will probably cost a lot of money and might take forever to organise, still they do sound like good fun! And they all are means of recognition so why not look at all the possibilities you have to personalise products to reward your employees.

How about these ideas below?

4 in 1 pen – comes in 5 colours, easy to brand with your logo & 4 different ways to use it! Super handy!

4 in 1 stylus

A5 Lux notebook – This has got a fully bespoke cover so you can do any design, ideal for birthdays, company celebrations, employee anniversaries or anything else you can think of.

A5 Lux Notebook

Perspex Power Bank – This Powerbank is slim and easy to carry everywhere! Surely your staff will praise you for this, so useful and adaptable for any device, they’ll never run out of battery!

Perspex power bank

Thumbs Up – Mobile and tablet holder, use it to listen to music, take on holiday or even to watch your favourite videos! Not to mention, how useful are they for following recipes?

thumbs up

Rubber Nose piggy bank – In a popular range of colours, these piggy banks are the perfect gift! Pass them to your employees or use them in your company for fundraising events!

Rubber Nose Piggy Bank

Snack ‘n’ Sip – This 800ml plastic tumbler is great for sports events, staff Away Days or just to ensure that they keep hydrated! It’s all about the gesture!

Snack n Sip Group

For more creative ideas, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on the contact details below.