The continued rise in reusable drink wear

 Over the past half a decade, and especially in the last 18 months, we have witnessed a dramatic increase in global awareness of the issues related to “single-use” plastics. As a result there has been rapid increase in demand for commercial materials that have “eco credentials” or can be “reused”. A section of this market we have noticed a particular growth and transformation in, is the drink ware market. In the past 12 months alone, some of our suppliers have quoted increases in production/sales of over 50% due to this awareness.


As a result of the “Blue Planet movement (and maybe a little help from programs such as Love Island…) One section of drink ware that has been impacted significantly, is the reusable drink bottle market. Suppliers within this market are now moving away from providing low cost budget plastics and have instead moved to cost effective and “sustainable” alternatives. For example; with Aluminium being both a reusable and recyclable material, there has been a vastly noticeable spike in production and sales of bottles that a predominantly Aluminium based.


However, although many marketing managers are now seeing the word plastic as almost a taboo word, the biggest increase in the drink ware bottle market our suppliers have seen, has in fact been the “reusable” plastic bottle market. With many employers/employee’s still wanting to be able easily see what they are drinking and also with an increased focus on keeping hydrated. As a transparent material option, plastic bottles are still a desired, lightweight, ergonomical alternative to glass. To support this, the market is now heavy in plastics that are specifically designed to be reused and not to be discarded after only a few uses.


One example plastic that focuses on this is Tritan Plastic. As opposed to the “singe-use” plastic bottles market (i.e. your Evian, Volvic water bottles). Tritan plastic has been especially successful as it is specifically designed to not breakdown into your drink, thus combating the idea of “single-use”. Although many of the “single-use” bottles are widely recyclable and breakdown easily, that is also their downfall, they breakdown too easily and are not meant to be reused or stored in certain conditions. Tritan plastic however can be used thousands of times without the need to throw away.


Alongside these “sustainable” materials, there is one that is swiftly increasing its share of the eco-friendly market, bamboo. Bamboo is being hailed by various sources, as one of the most sustainable, commercially used materials. Like Aluminium and Tritan, Bamboo is now being widely used in the drink ware market. Many consumers are opting for drink vessels containing bamboo, as this can heavily reduce the use of plastics. Bamboo is considered sustainable due to both it’s versatility and durability as a material, but also the pace at which bamboo grows, up to 91 cm per day!

So, not only do branded reusable water bottles and coffee cups look great, but they are environmentally friendly whilst always ensuring your brand is always in the eyes of your target market.

At Irongate we offer a large range of reusable water bottles and coffee cups in various different materials, allowing you to keep your brand constantly in the eye of your target market and save the planet at the same time!

Shaun Todd - Communications Specialist
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Shaun Todd - Communications Specialist