Go Green with Irongate

Amaze your customers with our range of promotional

At Irongate we have introduced a new range of eco-friendly,
recyclable and reusable promotional products. Eco-friendly products are a great
way to impress customers and clients, score those brownie points and show you
care for the environment! As recently as three years ago, plastic was just one
of those problems that everyone agreed was bad, but few people considered doing
much about. Show your employees, customer, business partners and prospects that
you’ve gone green with our range of eco-friendly promotional products.

There’s a difference between intention and action, but you
could miss out on a big group of consumers if your green credentials aren’t up
to scratch! Promotional products are a great way to reinforce your company’s
message to customers and a great way to stand out from your competitors.
Promotional products, clothing and corporate gifts are a great way to make your
recipients feel special and keep your brand in mind.

A few reasons why to switch to eco-friendly products

  • Four billion pounds worth of plastic enters the ocean
  • Approximately every square mile of ocean has more than 45,000 pieces of plastic floating in it
  • Plastic is harmful to the environment as it doesn’t break down easily and is often mistaken as food by marine animals
  • If an animal eats plastic, they can’t digest it. The plastic fills their stomachs, so they starve to death

A brief idea of the products

Reusable tote bag, reusable coffee cups/water bottles,
recyclable lanyard, recycled trolley token, recyclable notepad, staple free
stapler, regenerated t shirts, eco-friendly clipboards, bio-degradable
sellotape, bamboo sunglasses, badges, recyclable sticky notes. The list goes on
and we can help you find the perfect promotional products to represent your
brand just how you imagined.

What can we do to help?

We work hard to ensure that you’re getting the best out of
your business. Our helpful team are always on hand to give you the support and
advice you need. We will work with you to gain a full understanding about your
company and together create something beautiful!

We can help you find the perfect product and personalise it
to fit your brand guidelines to ensure a true representation of your brand. We
can help you chose colours, fonts and designs that are right up your street!