Power to the Polo!

For a good while, polo shirts have been the go-to staple uniform for all kinds of businesses, but with so many options, how do you choose the right one for your team? So i’ve put together my ultimate guide to choosing the perfect polo.

What kind of polo should I choose?

Polo shirt sleeve length

Starting with the basics of what kind of polo shirt will be best for your team: sleeve length. If your team works indoors, there’s a good bet a short-sleeved polo shirt is sufficient. Plus, there’s the added benefit of them being easy to layer up with sweatshirts or soft shell jackets if it gets a bit chilly.

Long sleeves offer the same cool comfort whilst protecting arms from the outdoor elements, flying debris from using machines or generally dirty environments.

Polo shirt fabric

Osprey Deluxe PoloShirt
Orn’s Osprey Deluxe Polo Shirt available from Irongate

Cotton polos are really breathable. Moisture is kept away from the body so it’s a great choice for hot workplaces. It’s comfortable and as it’s a natural fibre even sensitive skin is less likely to be irritated.

Polyester t-shirts tend to crease less and keep their colour and shape for longer but can make you sweat more when it’s warm.

A great compromise is a PolyCotton mix. Usually with 70 percent cotton and 30 percent polyester, PolyCotton offers the best of both fabrics.

Heavy duty or ‘workwear’ polos tend to be thicker than the standard, so are great for uniforms that are exposed to paint, dust or dirt. They’re also warmer, so a good choice if your team are working outside on cooler days.

Polo shirt fit

Russell 566F Ladies Stretch Polo
Russell 566F Ladies Stretch Polo

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all. Most polo shirts come with a more fitted option for women as well as men’s and unisex options.

Warehouse staff and delivery drivers will have different uniform requirements.

Depending on who works in your team and what kind of role they have will help you to decide on the best option for each of your team members.

Polo shirt prices

Price does not necessarily indicate suitability. Chances are, you can find a few options that meet your needs in different prices brackets, so concentrate on features first and costs later.

Personalised polos

Premier coolchecker pique polo in bottle green
Premier Coolchecker Pique Polo in Bottle Green

Don’t forget that we can personalise any workwear with your company logo and your employee’s names. We can even send out complete, named uniform packs directly to each staff member to save you time on distribution across multiple sites.

My Top Tip – If you’re thinking about picking a polo shirt with a pocket, make sure it isn’t in the way of where you’d like your logo to be stitched.



Nicki Ambidge - Workwear Specialist
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Nicki Ambidge - Workwear Specialist