5 benefits of branded workwear

It’s becoming more common for forward thinking businesses to have branded workwear, a great way to set your brand apart from the crowd. Making sure your employees are happy, comfortable and generally taken care of is necessary to keep your business going. Having branded workwear has benefits for both clients and employees and it is an investment which numerous businesses are taking advantage of.



Branded workwear works best when it is tailored to the needs of your business. It can have a positive effect on your business, having a constructive impact on your brand identity as your business grows. Below are the other main benefits that come from investing in personalised workwear:



Providing workwear to your employees with the company’s name and logo on gives them a Efficiencysense of responsibility. Wearing the company logo with pride is one thing but it also means more accountability, so working conscientiously and efficiently is a further by -product. As well as this. As there is imaged proof of the company your employees work for, they are less likely to appear to be slacking off as it is easier for them to be reported.


Branded clothing makes it clear to your customers who your employees are. As your logo is present on their garments, it’s much easier for your employees to be picked out by your customers. It is important for your employees to be visible to customers as if they need advice or have concerns before choosing your products or service, they know who they need to look for.

Brand Promotion

Having your company logo clearly shown on all your employee workwear make it easy to recognise, meaning potential customers may see it and decide to get in touch. Potential BRAND on price labelscustomers and established customers will also see your details whenever your employees are out and about, which is free advertising for your business. This means that your company’s name will be become present in people’s minds (even if they don’t realise it), you should reap the benefits of this by receiving more customer leads and business.


Employees that wear branded industrial work wear, find it easier to build up relationships and rapport with other members of their team. This is why schools have uniforms. By wearing the company logo as part of a tem, this significantly enhances the affinity between the team members and can also subconsciously help to develop their team player skills.

Easier to Contact

Your company logo isn’t the only thing you can have printed onto your workwear; the company business-telephone-systemsphone number is always a popular option. This visibility is free marketing for your business as people can easily save your number in their phones if they are think of using your products or services in the future. This makes it very easy for customers to contact you and they won’t have to waste time looking your contact details up online.

Although branded work wear isn’t something that suits every business, in many industries it’s something that can make a big difference. If you either want to build better relationships within your teams or promote your brand whilst out and about, branded workwear can make all the difference.

Nicki Ambidge - Workwear Specialist
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Nicki Ambidge - Workwear Specialist