How to make sure your work boots are comfortable

For those who work in a physically demanding environment, looking after your feet and staying comfortable at work is important. Comfort and safety are the main factors to consider when purchasing safety boots for your staff. If your employees have to work with heavy machinery, power tools or cutting equipment, safety boots are a legal requirement.

Safety boots however, are made from tough, hardwearing materials, which means they aren’t always the most comfortable. Read my top tips below on how to make sure that your work boots aren’t just protecting your feet, but are comfy too!

Good Quality Socks

It’s worth buying good quality, thick work socks. Normal socks don’t last very long and are not as long lasting or comfortable. Thick work socks dry quickly too, which helps to your feet sweat free in summer and dry in the winter!

Go half a size bigger

Buying boots that are around half a size too big , will create extra room for your feet to swell and breathe and will also allow for extra layers in the winter. When getting your staff to try on work boots, make sure you tell them to bring a pair of thick socks with them so they know which size will be best, there’s nothing worse than being on your feet all day in boots that only just fit!


Its important to provide your employees with high quality safety boots. You need to make sure your staff are comfortable and safe in the workplace, so although high quality boots are expensive, spending more money is well worth the investment!


Another reason to buy boots a little bit too big is that they will allow room for some comfort increasing insoles. Insoles make the bottom of the boot softer adding a cushioned layer, making them much more comfortable.

Stay Dry

If you have staff working outside, its very important to make sure that their boots are 100% waterproof. Nobody wants their feet to be cold and squelching all day!

Rotate them

Many people wear their work boots until they are completely worn out. Work boots and shoes last much longer if they’re rotated in use. Providing your employees with two pairs of boots that they can alternate between is effective as it allows the boots to completely dry out between uses. Resulting in boots that last longer and feet that are more comfortable.

Nicki Ambidge - Workwear Specialist
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Nicki Ambidge - Workwear Specialist