Tips for staying warm when working outdoors

The cold weather is here and as it gets colder, it’s very important to ensure that your employees have the clothing they need to keep them warm, dry and safe whilst working outside.

If you’re not sure exactly what garments you need to equip your staff with this Winter, read our suggestions below:


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Wearing a hat when working outdoors in cold conditions is a great way to help prevent heat loss from the body. Winter work hats, especially ones that cover the ears are very important when trying to keep as much heat in the body as possible. If your job requires you to wear a hard hat, it’s important to wear a stocking cap underneath to try and keep your head that bit warmer.


It’s vital to keep hands warm when working outside in the cold, wet weather. Although it may not always be convenient to wear gloves, they help with circulation and ensure that you have full use of your hands.


Reflective Clothing

Although reflective clothing doesn’t keep you warm, Hi vis clothing is vital when working outdoors, especially in the dark winter months. As Image result for hi vis vestthe nights gets darker and the weather gets colder, you are less visible. When working out doors or handling equipment, its very important that everyone on site can see each other.


During winter it’s very important to wear layers, as it keeps you much warmer than just wearing a coat. Wearing layers also allows you to regulate your body temperate better as you can add or remove them depending on how you feel. A gilet is a fantastic option as a top layer as it allows you to keep warm whilst still being able to move freely.


It can be very hard to make sure your feet are warm during the winter, especially when working outside. Socks that are high in synthetic fibers encourage sweating and aren’t very good at keeping your feet dry. Instead try choosing thick, woolen socks which are the most effective at keeping your feet both warm and dry.

Base Layers

As we previously mentioned, layers are very important during the cold winter months! The layer you should always start with are base layers or thermal tops and trousers. These are very tight fitting and are designed to keep as much heat in as possible. Layering up with a thermal top & trousers underneath, provides you with lots of insulation and keeps you much more warm comfortable when working in cold conditions.


Nicki Ambidge - Workwear Specialist
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Nicki Ambidge - Workwear Specialist