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A uniform management system for Motorpoint

Motorpoint, the UK’s leading car supermarket sell a vehicle to a customer every six minutes. They operate across 11 different locations around the UK with approximately 200 staff working in different departments - from sales and customer services, to the workshops and valeting teams, with each business area and individual staff member requiring a different variation of the Motorpoint branded uniform.

The Challenge

Motorpoint have a very busy requirement for workwear with new sites opening, new starters commencing as well as replacements of old or damaged uniform. They were facing a number of challenges trying to manage the provision of their uniforms themselves including:

  • Garments were ordered in bulk in a range of sizes with no real forecasting or stock management system resulting in certain sizes running out and others left unused and wasted.
  • Stock was kept at their head office taking up valuable space.
  • Reliant on one staff member to manage the new requests for uniform and pick the individual items from a central container which proved very time-consuming.
  • This manual process, together with an inefficient distribution system, meant it could take up to two weeks for the uniforms to get to the staff member, during which time new starters could be working without company uniform, whilst others could be left working in uniform that was damaged and unsuitable and did not reflect well on the company’s reputation.

The Solution

Following an on-site consultation to examine the challenges they were experiencing and an audit of the quality and ‘fit for purpose’ of existing garments, Irongate’s Workwear team provided a proposal to provide Motorpoint with a fully managed uniform service including:
  • Upgrades to better quality garments without increasing costs
  • Forecasting
  • Stock held at Irongate
  • Facility to call off stock as required via QuickHub, Irongate’s web portal
  • Garments are picked as individual items or as complete ‘staff packs’ with name tags for easy identification on-site and delivered direct to the required site within 48-72 hours

The benefits

  • Full stock management, pick and pack distribution service
  • Lead time reduced from 2 weeks to 48-72 hours
  • Staff wearing a better quality, longer lasting uniform
  • Minimises any waste
  • Complete control and visibility of their expenditure
  • Fast ordering process
  • Motorpoint staff are free to concentrate on their key responsibilities
  • Access to the expertise of Irongate’s specialist workwear team

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