Providing your workforce with footwear is easy when you’ve got our expert team on hand.

Arrange a free, no-obligation consultation and help your employees benefit from comfortable, long-lasting footwear that’s appropriate for their specific environment.

Benefit from our free consultation.

  • Save money, time and frustration with footwear that’s up to the job
  • Learn about important technological features
  • Make informed decisions with insight into wearer priorities and preference
  • Meet best practice standards, due diligence and health and safety requirements
  • Mitigate risks and solve historical problems
  • Increase comfort and improve staff morale


Our step-by-step process.


Step one: Consultation meeting and site audit

We will:

  • Listen to your needs and goals
  • Discuss with key stakeholders
  • Review your work environments
  • Consider any specialist areas
  • Look at what currently works and what doesn’t

Step two: Proposal and wearer trials

We will:

  • Report findings and make recommendations
  • Launch a 3-month footwear trial
  • Take time to discuss any questions or concerns
  • Visit your site every 4-6 weeks to monitor progress

Step three: Final consultation

We will:

  • Review our footwear trial findings and make recommendations
  • Prepare for the next steps in the process
  • Determine a guarantee period

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