Endurance, performance

and protection?

You bet your boots.

We’ve partnered with Rock Fall UK to supply premium quality safety footwear to all major UK industries, including construction, utilities, airside, rail, cold storage, civil engineering and offshore.

Pioneering technology.

The Rock Fall UK team travel the globe researching new components and materials to enhance the life of safety footwear and further protect the wearer in the harshest conditions.

Quality and testing.

Our footwear is designed for maximum endurance and performance. Tested beyond industry standards and manufactured in audited factories, the resulting quality is unparalleled.


When we talk about value, we don’t just mean fair pricing. The quality of our footwear means our customers continue to benefit from good value way beyond the initial purchase, with thorough research and development ensuring the best in safety and technology. Lasting much longer than other brands on the market, you will save money over the life of the product with a guarantee that protects against unexpected lapses in performance. Ask us about Cost Per Foot Per Day, which demonstrates the real value of choosing us as your footwear supplier.

A perfect fit.

Take advantage of a Sizing Day to ensure that your workforce have correctly fitting footwear. Our experts will visit your premises to demonstrate your chosen range of products and provide a professional fitting service. Each employee gets the chance to try on the selected styles, check for comfort and sizing, and order their preferred product.


Correct care will significantly prolong the life of your footwear. Once you have chosen a range of products we can provide a Shoe Box Talk, educating your workforce on how to maintain their footwear for optimum performance. Some of the most important topics covered are knowing when footwear needs replacing, and spotting signs that could impact the effectiveness of some of the footwear’s features.

Footwear care guide (PDF)

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