When we say we offer a complete workwear service, we mean it. Keep your fantastic new workwear as fresh as a daisy with our flexible and reliable laundry service.

We’ve partnered with a leading provider to offer our workwear clients an excellent laundry service across the UK. Whether you have five or 5,000 employees at one or multiple sites, we can provide a fully tailored service to meet your needs with real-time garment tracking and consistently high quality wash results.

Unique washing process

To ensure garments are laundered on the correct wash cycle, all items are hand sorted and segregated by their specialised properties, including flame retardancy and high visibility. Each garment is then laundered and dried at a low temperature to protect the fabric and any features including reflective tape, zips and logos. We only use an organic detergent which is kind to the environment and to the skin, ensuring that laundered workwear items are returned to you odour-free and irritant-free. The wash process is designed to be tough on oil and grease, yet kind enough to prevent fading and damage.

Tracking and service reporting

All collected workwear is given a unique barcode reference, which includes information on the individual wearer, their employer and location. This means every garment can be easily tracked and referenced in our service reports. Using regular management reporting, we will keep you updated with important information such as laundry history, any repairs and expected garment life. These reports are flexible and reporting criteria can be tailored to your requests.

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